This is why we are closing Steamer !

Anyway we won’t stop building, but we have to change strategy !

  • We will close Steamer in a few hours for undefined period (if you ask me it will be forever… but who knows we might open it for special events in the future)
  • By closing Steamer, $STEAM will become a low limited supply (139,253 units), and very deflationary coin… So if you are a $STEAM holder, lucky you, keep it safely because there will be no other way to get $STEAM than buying it !
  • Partnership pools will be $SOAK pools from now, at least untill Layer farming is up ! We expect that $SOAK will rise again when Layer farming is released (and we also think that in a few days we will see it rise a bit due to the lower emission btw), if it is the case then we will probably split partnership pools between $SOAK and $STEAM.
  • $STEAM new utility will now be to farm $SPG. The pools will be lower APR%, but will last longer so you don’t have burn tax every week like now.
  • Speaking of Steam tax, we might adjust it in the coming days. And for now generated taxes, will buy back $SPG with it.

For now that’s it, we hope we are taking the right choices, we truely think we do.



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