Sponge token $SPG, high passive yield token that absorbs tokens from other transactions !

Well, our project here is no more than ONLY A SINGLE TOKEN and it’s called $SPG (Sponge token) !!!

  • Max supply is 100k $SPG (will decrease over time, read further !)
  • 80% of max supply will be emitted over 2 months by a Tenet liquidity tap (BNB/SPG) https://bsc.tenet.farm/ if you don’t already know it, Tenet provide the ability to create pool farms from their user interface (see why we use Tenet at the end of the article) ! Expect Degen APY in the first hours !! We will double rewards for first days ! FARMING OPEN 01/16 16:30 UTC here -> https://bsc.tenet.farm/pool/detail?id=10
  • 10% used to provide initial liquidity with 50 BNB coming from dev pocket (might be removed at some point when there will be enough liquidity in the pool).
  • Other 10% are kept by team for events and further dev if needed. But expect some fun events & huge rewards ! UPDATE: We already might have a partnership coming, these 10% supply will probably be used to be emited as a stacking option in a well known dapp of BSC, soon more infos !
  • Here comes the fun part : 6.66% taxes 👿 🤘 on each transactions ! 5% goes PROPORTIONNALY to EVERY HOLDERS of $SPG ! This is done automatically, you don’t have to do anything (because we all want to get richer doing … nothing !!! … That’s NoJob Finance mantra boys 💲💵) ! So understand that the more you have, to more you will passively get and this will happen on every $SPG transaction in the cryptoworld ! ! And we also have 0.16% that is burnt forever (because we want $SPG to be more and more rare) but be aware that the burn adress will also get redistribution so we will have increasing ‘implicit burn’ over time, and finally 1.5% to dev and partner wallet.

Why using tenet farm ?



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