Hello Spongers !

Know that Layer 2 has just been released, and here are the few changes from Layer 1 :

  • Deposit fees are removed ! It is replaced by 4 % exit fees, but you will only pay it if you stay less than 96 hours in the farm (since last deposit)… After that it is 0%. Also know that exit fees are impacted by SPG rank (3% for VIP, 1,5% for ELITE)
  • There are single asset stacking options : you can stack Siph1 or Siph2 to earn Siph2
  • Max supply has been raised to 25k token, still emitted…

Hello Spongers ! So it is finally ready, our very long waited layered farming feature. Goal of the article is to give you details about fees distribution but also the initial pairs and multipliers for this first layer.

I invite you to read last medium article which introduce the concept of the feature. Link: https://decentralized-stef.medium.com/why-sponge-finance-layered-farming-will-save-the-world-b134fc44d1bb

Anyway here is a short description of our ‘Vampire’ Layered Farming feature :

  • Basically a layer is like a full new dapp, each layer is identified by a number (1 for the first layer, 2 for the second … etc). Each Layer emits the…

Spoilers : it won’t 💩 ! But you should definitely check why this a way better than what you expected !

Hello Spongers, this is Decentralized Stef again, and today my goal is to make you understand why this feature is awesome and what is the main mechanism behind our layer farming and why it differs from other platforms !

Basically most of you know how layer farming works, but just a quick reminder :

  • Each layer is like a full new dapp with a new token to farm, new pools, new farms. We don’t have the name for the layer token yet, but you will have something like $SOAK1 for first layer, $SOAK2 for second layer, $SOAK3 for third layer and so on…
  • Layers are time & supply limited, however the token stays forever.
  • New layers will be…

Hello Spongers, this article will be short and without gifs (Whaaat nooo !). The goal here is to explain you why we will close the Steamer (the contract that burn your $SOAK for $STEAM).

Basically since Steamer is open, we identified lot of transactions of people just taking advantage of Steamer for taking profits, creating a huge sell pressure on both $STEAM and $SOAK.

The heavy link done by the Steamer between $SOAK and $STEAM has basically dragged price down for both assets. In an other hand this could have been dragging the price up if one of the assets…

Hello Spongers ! I think it’s time for a new Medium article, explaining a few changes and the next steps coming for Sponge Finance !

First something we are waiting for 2 months now ! SPG/BNB Tenet farming is finally over !!

Yeah we finally made it ! SPG supply has been finally 100% released !

If you remember 2 months ago we provided 80% of SPG supply to the Tenet farm. Now that the farming is finished this means no more new SPG emitted by farming, which means much less sell pressure !

What does it really means ? Basically now $SPG is a fully circulating with limited supply coin, with a passive yield via…

The very last token of Sponge finance & a whole new feature are coming soon !

Hello Spongers, Decentralized Stef speaking ! Happy Valentine’s day 🥰!

Today I’ll talk about the next step for Sponge Finance !

But before that, I would like to thanks our community and our partners that let us grow in a unexpected way !

Basically we were not expecting $SPG to rise before the end of the farming and that the supply is fully circulating (which will happen in less than a month from now !). …

New token and our own dapp will be out within the next hours !

Hello Spongers, it’s Decentralized Stef again, and today we have a lot to introduce !

First the new Soak Token !

The $Soak token is the main token that will be emitted by our dApp. It’s here to give you many farming and stacking options, but also to give value to $SPG

  • Contract address: 0x849233ff1aea15d80ef658b2871664c9ca994063
  • No max supply for now !
  • UPDATED: 1 new tokens per block ! (changed from 6.66 after community vote on our telegram)
  • 2% of every transactions are sent to the Soak contract and will be used in the “Soak the Sponge” event (detailled later in the post) !
  • Planned burn and emission regulation later, so enjoy $Soak while you can get some easily !
  • It will be…

So before talking about the future stuff, let’s have a look to what happened already !

Sponge token was launched one week ago at 0.2$ it mooned to 8$ and is not back around 2$… And still with some insane Quad APR% I would say this is a really nice start, and NoJob.Finance team is really happy with the results.

We also had some good stuff done this week :

And we had our first partnership with https://traphouse.vip/ offering you two things :

Hello folks ! It’s Decentralized Stef speaking, passionate DeFi investor, trying to upgrade to DeFi ‘fun’ provider ! I’m not alone we are a team of 3 for now, and hopefully my mates will introduce themselves soon !

So first we want to insist on full transparency ! And we have to admit that it’s our first project out there, that’s why we will keep it simple, but still fun and potentially super rewarding !!!

To help us surviving into the BSC jungle we are backed by a BSC France Community, if you can handle more french words than “baguette”…

$SPG new high return frictionless token on bsc

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